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This section will help you with everything you need to have a successful massage career.

Massage Marketing

Massage Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists - Learn massage marketing tips to create the practice of your dreams.

Massage Jobs

How to Get a Great Job by the Ex-Hiring Manager of a Top Day Spa - Learn everything you always wanted to know about getting a great massage job.

Massage jobs vs. your own practice - Learn the pros and cons of starting your own practice vs. getting a massage job

Massage Job Environments - Learn what it is like to work in these environments:

Day Spas
Chiropractic offices
Wellness Centers
Acupuncture Clinics
Corporate Massage Businesses
Massage Chains
Resort Spas
Cruise Ships

Massage Practice Information

Massage therapy business - adding value - Learn how adding more value in your massage practice can help you to charge a higher price.

Spa Supplies - The spa supplies no massage office should be without. Explains simple spa treatments that can be added to any massage practice, directions, and ingredients.

Massage Oils - Learn how to use different types of massage oil and lotion in your practice.

Massage Tools - Learn all about the different types of massage tools available.

Aromatherapy Information - Learn how to add aromatherapy to your practice.

Massage and Saunas - Learn how to add a sauna into your massage practice.

Massage safety - Learn how to deal with inappropriate clients.

How to choose a great massage business location - Learn what is important in choosing a massage business location.

Liability Insurance - Information on the four providers of massage liability insurance.

Massage Magazines - Information on the massage magazines available.

Massage and Feng Shui

Feng Shui for your massage practice – For more information about how to use Feng Shui in your massage practice, please check out my new guide, “ Business Feng Shui for Success and Prosperity in an Alternative Health Practice”.

Articles Massage Feng Shui - Learn tips for using feng shui in your massage practice.

Color and Feng Shui - Learn the meanings of colors and how they can be applied in Feng Shui

Table massage Feng Shui - Learn Feng Shui Tips to set up your massage table.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Massage therapy continuing education - Learn about the different types of massage therapy continuing eduction.

Polarity - Learn about what polarity is, what a session is like and how to get training.

Massage Schools

Massage School - Learn what they don't teach you in massage school.
Massage Therapy School - Learn what is important in choosing a massage therapy school.



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