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Massage Therapy Careers

The massage profession is exploding and there are more opportunities for massage therapists than ever. Some of the places for great massage therapy careers are:

Day Spas
Chiropractic offices

Wellness Centers
Acupuncture Clinics
Corporate Massage Businesses
Massage Chains

Resort Spas
Cruise Ships

I once worked on a Hollywood movie set. I received a call from the Director at 11:00 pm on a Friday night to go into a dark, deserted alley in a neighborhood which is not the greatest, where the series was being filmed, to do massage on the actors and some of the writers.

I did not know if this was for real or not so I told my neighbor that if she did not hear from me in 90 minutes, to call the police. I told the cab driver to stay with me until I knew for sure that this was not some kind of scam and that I was not dealing with crazy people. It turned out to be a legitimate movie set, and I massaged several actors, writers and makeup artists. One of the makeup artists came to me several times afterwards.

They found me from my website and would have otherwise not known I existed. It is possible that I will one day get a call from other famous people wanting massages from me because the makeup artist, Producer, or one of the actors recommended me.

In most massage environments, you can either be an employee, contractor or have your own practice. If you are an employee, you will be paid a percentage of the massages you do. Sometimes you will be expected to do laundry and other chores when you are not doing massage. You will get some benefits and your employer will take taxes out of your pay and handle the marketing.

If you are a contractor, you will be paid a percentage of the massage but you will not be considered an employee so you will not get benefits and will have to do your own taxes and marketing.

If you have your own practice, you will pay rent for office space and will earn the full amount of the massage. You will be responsible for managing your business, taxes and doing your own marketing.

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