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How To Get A Great Massage Job By The Ex-Hiring Manager Of A Top Day Spa

Learn the biggest mistakes massage therapists make on job interviews and how you can avoid them!

massage marketingHi, my name is Susanne and I was the hiring manager at a top day spa in Northern California. My job was to interview, hire and train massage therapists.

My new book,"How to Get a Great Massage Job by the Ex-Hiring Manager of a Top Day Spa" explains the common mistakes therapists make that cost them the job, what interviewers really look for, helps you with resume writing skills, interiewing skills, how to succeed at the job once you get it, gives you alot of inside information about the massage industry, and much, much more. If you are having trouble finding a massage job, this book will help you.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that massage therapists make on interviews:

Not Having Strong Enough Deep Tissue skills . You must have excellent deep tissue skills to succeed in most massage jobs. Unless you are working in a hospital only on infants, or at a clinic where you are only doing energy work, this is going to be the most important skill you can have, and your success will depend on it.

When I was interviewing therapists, 8 out of 10 could not give a good, deep massage and I could not hire them. I would have received a lot of customer complaints. Unfortunately, a lot of schools, even some that have longer programs, don't offer good training in deep tissue. If this is the case with you, this book will offer tons of suggestions and ways you can improve so you will be able to get the job you want.

Not Using a Professional Email Address. Make sure your resume has a professional email address on it. I cannot tell you how many times I received a resume from someone with an email address such as or , , or . This is really unprofessional and there is no way an employer will take you seriously if you have an email address like this. You will never get the interview and therefore, never get the job if you do this.

The most professional email you can have is . If your name is not available, you can add some numbers to the end. There are many email providers that have unlimited free email accounts such as yahoo and hotmail, so you have no excuse not to have this. Not doing this will cost you the job, so don't make this mistake.

Sending the Same Cover Letter to Every Employer. Your cover letter needs to be personalized for each job. Your cover letter is the first thing the employer sees. It must be enticing, and it needs to make a strong impact, and scream, "I am the perfect person for the job!". If yours is weak, your resume will likely get thrown in the trash. This book will explain everything you need to know to write a shining cover letter that will get you the job.

If the following sounds like you, please read on.

"  Are you having trouble finding a massage job?

"  Do you send out endless resumes, but do not get any response?

"  Have you been on several interviews but have not had any job offers?

"  Are you in school and getting ready to look for your first massage job?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read on. This information will help you find a great massage job in any environment, not just the day spa industry.

Here is what you will learn in this book:

"  Learn what the advantages and disadvantages are of getting a massage job versus starting your own practice.

"  Learn what skills hiring managers are really looking for.

"  Learn the ONE skill you must totally master to have success in any massage job.

"  Learn how to create a strong massage resume that will get you the interview.

"  Learn how to create a compelling, enticing cover letter that will get you noticed.

"  Learn the HUGE mistake massage therapists make when emailing resumes.

"  Learn what questions an interviewer is likely to ask and what the best responses are.

"  Learn what the biggest mistakes are that massage therapists make on interviews.

"  Learn the one thing you should NEVER say on an interview.

"  Learn powerful tips to make every interview a success

"  Learn what to look for in an employer.

"  Learn what questions you should ask on an interview.

"  Learn what to do to really impress an interviewer.

"  Learn what to do if you really want to the job.

"  Learn what to do if you don't get the job.

"  Learn what to do if you have trouble finding a massage job because you don't have enough experience.

"  Learn what to do if you have trouble finding a massage job because you don't have enough education.

"  Learn what to do if you send out a lot of resumes, but no one calls you.

"  Learn what to do if you go on a lot of interviews but you don't receive any job offers.

"  Learn how to succeed at the job once you get it.

"  Learn how to know when it is time to start your own practice.

"  Learn tips to avoid burnout.

"  Learn the different massage environments you can work in and what each one is like.

"  Learn the one massage environment you NEVER want to work in.

"  Learn how to use the power of your mind to help you get a job.

"  Learn how to use the secrets of feng shui to help in your job search.

This is a 40 page ebook in a PDF format. It will be emailed to you immediately as soon as your payment clears.

The book comes with a 30-day guarantee and you can return it if you are not happy with it.


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