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How to Choose a Great Massage Business Location

This article will explain why your massage business location is absolutely critical to your success, and what to look for in choosing a massage location.

In recent surveys, 70% of clients surveyed said that the location was the most important factor to them in choosing a massage business. The survey stated that even if a client was extremely happy with a massage therapist, most would not return to them if the location was not convenient.

Some things to look for in choosing a massage business location are convenience, abundant parking, a quiet office, a busy street with a lot of foot traffic, no restrictions on signage, and other health professionals and complementary businesses nearby in the neighborhood. Sharing office space with other alternative health professionals is a great thing to do. Most people who are interested in one type of alternative health will usually be interested in other services.

Renting an office that is quiet is very important. Before renting a massage business space, you should visit it at different times of the day and make sure that you cannot hear street traffic or talking from neighboring offices. Make sure to find out what find of construction was done of the walls and ceiling and be sure to find out who your neighbors are. Nothing can spoil a massage more than a noisy office.

Subletting space in a wellness center, medical office, chiropractic offices or a yoga studio can be ideal. Being in walking distance of a yoga studio, gym, hospital, or facial studio is also excellent. Another advantage of working in an office with other professionals is that it is safer. I had one location in an office building and there was a maintenance person there every night until 10:00 so I was never alone with new clients.

The best massage business location that I ever had was in wellness center. There were three medical doctors, two Pilates instructors, a personal trainer, and a dance therapist. Many of the professionals in this facility referred business to each other. The office was also located on a busy street near a hospital in a residential area.

I was able to get a large amount of massage business from people walking past my office who saw my street sign on their way to the hospital or on their way home. I also got a lot of massage business from the doctors and nurses in the hospital. It was a marketing dream. Just by having a great location, massage business came to me easily, my practice was very full, and I had to do very little other marketing.

I have had other massage business locations that were not so ideal where I had to spend a lot of time and money on marketing just to get by.

I know a massage therapist who rented space in a busy yoga studio in a business area of a major city. She had a sandwich board sign on the street that drew in a lot of business professionals who worked nearby, and she received a lot of referrals from the yoga studio. In only two months of being out of massage school, her practice was extremely full, and she did not have to do any other marketing.

Street signs are really important. The best signs are the A-frame signs, also called a sandwich board. These really stand out and people cannot help to notice them when they are walking down the street. You should make sure that your town and your landlord allow this before you choose a space.

If you chose to not have an office and to only do house calls, you can still be successful. You should get a car sign for your car. Since you are spending a lot of time in your car, a car sign can give your business exposure to hundreds of people everyday who would otherwise not know that you exist. Every time you park your car at a busy shopping mall, yoga studio, or health food store, you will be getting additional exposure.

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