Low Cost Personal Training Marketing Techniques

These personal training marketing techniques will help you to get more clients.

1) Get a car sign or bumper sticker

Car signs are great because most people spend a lot of time in their cars and a trip down the highway can give you exposure to hundreds of people everyday. Parking your car at a busy mall or health food store can you give a lot of exposure also. You can also make up a bumper stick with a catchy headline and your website address or phone number. You can get the supplies to make it at an office supply store and make it yourself on your computer.

2) Get t-shirts made up with your logo .

Another great way to do marketing is to get shirts made up with your logo, business name, phone number, and website address. This is great because if you wear these at the yoga studio, health food store, or supermarket, for example, people will ask you about your services, and many will schedule appointments. You can get the supplies to make these at an office supply store also.

3) Post at least 5 messages in online discussion forums each week.

Posting and responding to messages in online discussion forums can be a great low cost way to get business. You should look for groups that your target market is likely to belong to such as a group related to chronic pain or people suffering from depression in your area.

These groups are generally for support and exchange of information, and while it is almost always against the rules to directly promote your services, you are usually allowed to have a short signature file at the end that has your contact information and a short description of what you do.

If you post helpful information, you will become known as an expert and people are likely to go to your website or email you. You can find groups by searching in Yahoo or Google groups. The health forum on Craigslist is a good forum to post in also.

For more personal training marketing strategies, check out my marketing course, Marketing Secrets for Alternative Health Professionals.


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