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These places are set up where the clients pay a low monthly fee to get one free massage every month. They can usually get unlimited massages for a low fee for each additional massage, around $40. They usually pay therapists around $10 to $12 an hour. They will tell you that you are really getting paid $25 - $27 an hour including tips. This is not accurate because clients typically will tip 15% on a massage, so you are really getting a $6 tip, not a $15 tip, which brings your hourly rate way down.

They often hire new therapists who are right out of school. These places usually do not have strict requirements on education and experience, and it is usually easy to get hired. If you work in a city that is extremely competitive, is saturated with massage therapists and you cannot get a job anywhere else because you don't have enough experience, then I would recommend it. However, I would suggest only working there for four to six months and then apply at other places. Massage is difficult work and most massage therapists will not last long at that rate, as you will have to do too many massages just to make a living.

I know several therapists who have worked in these types of massage therapist jobs and they said that after a while they did not put a lot of effort into the massages. Because they were paid so low, they did not feel it was worth it. Giving mediocre massages is not going to help you be successful in the massage industry.

Massage therapist job types:

Day Spas
Chiropractic offices
Wellness Centers
Acupuncture Clinics
Corporate Massage Businesses
Resort Spas
Cruise Ships

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