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If you need more clients, these chiropractic marketing strategies will help you.

Post ads on Craigslist every two days.

Post an ad about your business on the website , under the therapeutic section in the city or town where you live. This is a fantastic, very popular site that is totally free that has brought my practice thousands and thousands of dollars worth of business. Ads are placed chronologically and when too many ads are above yours, you get fewer calls. You will get the best results if you delete and repost your ad every two days.

The ad should have a powerful headline to draw people in that focuses on the reader's problem such as, “Is Chronic Pain Ruining Your Life?” or “The Secret to Eliminating Back Pain”. The ad should explain the benefits the person will get from using your service, include your contact information and a link to your website if you have one.

Yahoo Answers

This is an extremely popular site. People go onto this site to ask questions and seek information. You should check this site a couple of times a week and use the advanced search function to search for chiropractic + your city or back pain + your city, or other search terms that would be applicable to your service. You can get new business by helping people and answering questions. While it is against the rules to blatantly promote your business, you can offer advice and let the person know what you do, direct the person to an article on your website, or put your name and website address at the end of your posting.

For example, if someone says that they are having chronic back pain and that they are looking for a chiropractor in Atlanta, you could respond and let them know that you are a chiropractor in Atlanta, and let them know some self care tips for dealing with backpain and put your website address and your name at the end of the email. You can let them know that they can email you if they have questions. Because you were so helpful, there is a good chance this person will contact you to book an appointment, or someone else will read your answer and contact you. These answers also get indexed by the search engines, so even if this person does not book an appointment with you, someone else may be searching for back pain Atlanta or chiropractor Atlanta in another search engine and come across your answer and contact you.

You have to have a yahoo email account to use this site, but there is no charge to get one. It is fun, you can get new business, and you get to help people.

For more great chiropractic marketing strategies, check out my marketing course, “Marketing Secrets for Alternative Health Professionals”.


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