color and feng shui


Color and Feng Shui

In the black hat method of Feng Shui, your home or office is divided into nine areas which are as follows. Certain colors correspond to certain areas of the bagua and can either enhance the bagua or conflict with it.  



(Purple, Gold)














(Earth Tone Colors)






  (Earth Tone Colors)



(Blue, Black)


Helpful people


Front Entrance

Red is great for energy and excitement. It is often better to be used as an accent as it can be too stimulating and can make it difficult to relax. This is good for the fame area.

Orange is a warm color and is good for social areas such as a waiting room.

Yellow brings about feelings of joy and happiness and creativity.

Green is a good color for healing. It is soothing and balancing.

Blue is calming and soothing. This is good for the career area.

Purple is a very spiritual color which promotes transformation. It can be really intense in large amounts and is good as an accent. It promotes prosperity and is good in the wealth area.

Pink brings out harmony and togetherness. It is good for the relationship area.

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