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When I started my practice, I became fascinated with the power marketing and what it can do for your business, and I have made a great effort to learn everything I can about it. I learned so much in successfully marketing my practice that I realized that I could make a great impact by helping other practitioners learn marketing and improve their businesses.

I have spent thousands of hours reading over 100 books on marketing, small business, website marketing, and finance, and even more time trying out marketing techniques and inventing new ones.

I have spent thousands of hours learning how to build and market a successful alternative health service website. I learned what works through painful trial and error. As a result, I created a successful website to market my service that has earned me over $40,000 in the past two years just from my website alone.

Prior to starting my practice, I was a manager at one of the most prestigious and successful alternative health businesses in San Francisco. When I first started working at this business, it was not busy, successful, or well known. This business hired a marketing expert and I watched how they used marketing techniques to transform their business into an extremely prominent and successful establishment. I learned exactly what needs to be done to make an alternative health business succeed.

I studied marketing at the Internet Marketing Center, and have a degree in Computer Information Systems.

By attending networking groups and events over the past several years, I have seen firsthand which marketing methods have worked for hundreds of other alternative health professionals. I noticed that alternative health professionals have a lot of the same business issues and that the majority of marketing techniques that work for one profession, work for others.

Because I struggled with my business early on and have seen other professionals struggle as well, I decided to create this course. Alternative health has been extremely important to me throughout my entire life. It is my mission that alternative health professionals be as successful and prosperous as possible.


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