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Massage Therapy Job Opportunities Chiropractic Offices

Chiropractic offices are a great place for massage therapy job opportunities. In chiropractic offices, you will work with a lot of people who have injuries and pain and often were injured at work and in a car accident. People are looking to get pain relief rather than to have a relaxing, pampering experience. You may be required to keep SOAP notes if you are an employee or subcontractor.

Tipping is not always customary in this environment they way that it is in day spas or resorts, it really varies on the establishment. In this environment, you could be either an employee, contractor or have your own practice.

Other massage therapy job opportunites:

Day Spas
Wellness Centers
Acupuncture Clinics
Corporate Massage Businesses
Massage Chains
Resort Spas
Cruise Ships

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