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Infuse your massage room with life force energy.

If you want to improve the Feng Shui of your massage room, add more life force energy.

Feng Shui is based on the five elements, fire, water, metal, earth, and wood. According to the Black Hat method, your living space is divided into nine areas shown below, called the bagua. Each element corresponds to a different area of the bagua. 


























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You can dramatically improve your treatment room's energy and healing power by infusing it with the life force of all of these elements.

Wood element. Live green plants and flowers are the best living source of this element. It is much better to have an abundance of living green plants in your office rather than a wooden table or desk which are not alive.

Water element. The best living sources of the water element are fish tanks or fountains. This is much better than having a picture of a river or the ocean. The bubbling sound of a fountain is very relaxing to clients and moving water represents wealth in Feng Shui. Fish also represent wealth and good luck in Feng Shui.

Fire. Candles are the best source of this element. If you are not able to use candles in your treatment room due to safety or regulations, you can use something in the color red to represent fire. The candels are better because fire is a living element.

Earth. Potted plants in dirt in terra cotta containers are the best source.

Metal. Stones and crystals are a good source of the metal element, and much more effective than having a metal filing cabinet or table in your office.

If your massage room has a window, you should let fresh air and sunshine into the room as often as possible.

In your waiting room, you can have bowls of fresh organic fruit and vegetables for clients to snack on.

Just by making these simple changes, you and your clients will notice a big difference in the energy of your treatment room, and your practice will be more successful.

For more information about how to use Feng Shui in your massage practice, please check out my new guide, How to Use Business Feng Shui for Success in an Alternative Health Practice.

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