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Massage Therapy Business Promotion - Hotels

Marketing with hotels can be a great way to get new business. This article will explain how to network with hotels to get more clients for your massage business.

Massage appointments are usually booked by the hotel concierges. The concierges are the people who are responsible for guest services and their desk is usually located in the hotel lobby. Concierges will generally refer business ople who treat them the best. These people can refer a lot of business to you if they like you, so it is important to treat them well.

You should approach the concierge when they are not busy, and you should dress extremely professionally. I would recommend wearing a business suit. If it is a smaller hotel, they may not have concierges, so you should approach the front desk staff or the front desk manager. Let them know what you do and how you can help their guests. Invite them into your office for a free treatment. Give them a stack of your business cards. If you have brochures, give them these as well.

If you are going to be doing the treatment at the hotel, offer them to pay them a fee for each treatment you do, or offer to give them a free treatment for a certain number of referrals. If you are going to be doing the treatment at the hotel and you are going to pay the concierge a fee, add this to the fee that you will charge the client. Hotel guests expect to pay more if a treatment is done in their room. The fee you charge the client should be your regular fee, plus the fee you charge for outcalls, plus the fee you agreed to pay the concierges. If they are going to be coming to your office instead of you going to the hotel, it will be difficult for you to inflate your costs to cover the concierge fee. If this is the case, you should offer the concierge a free treatment for every so many referrals they give you

The amount you pay the concierge for the referral fee can vary between $10 and $30 depending on where you are located, your fees, and how much competition there is in your area. If you are going to give them a free treatment instead of a referral fee, and you normally charge $100 for a treatment, agree to give them a free treatment for every 5 people that they refer to you.

When they come to your office, make sure everything looks spotless. Clean you whole office, get some plants and flowers, and light some candles. If you share office space with other people, let them know you have an important client coming in, and they should be extra quiet. Drop off a small gift, such as a box of gourmet tea or a small box of organic chocolate, and a thank you card after their appointment.

You should stop back in every other week to see if they need more brochures and business cards. This is good to do because the more they see you, the more they will be reminded to send business to you.

When they give you a referral make sure you pay them immediately. Always make sure you send them a thank you card. I have been told by countless concierges that they refer business to people all day and I was the only one that ever sent a thank you card, and they really appreciated it.

If a concierge sends you a lot of business invite them back for a free treatment every month or every other month or offer them a very substantial discount.

Once you start establishing relationships with the concierges, ask them if they know concierges at other hotels that they can refer you to.

If you target hotels in business areas rather than tourist areas, you can get repeat business from the clients that you get because people who are on business often have to return to the same city or town on a regular basis.

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