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How Adding More Value Can Allow You to Charge a Higher Fee in Your Massage Therapy Business

This article will explain how adding more value to your massage therapy business can actually help you to charge a higher price for your work. This will help you to have more satisfied and loyal clients, and a more stable massage therapy business.

Massage has become very competitive in many areas. Many therapists feel forced to undercut their prices to stay in business. You don't have to do this. There will always be people who will charge less than you, and when you charge too low of a price, clients will not value your service as much.

It is always better to have clients who are coming to you because of the outstanding job you do, not because of your cheap price. You should really focus on charging a fair or even slightly higher than average price and focus on adding more value and adding more quality. There are many ways to do this that don't cost a lot.

Aromatherapy . Include aromatherapy with your massage. Create an aromatherapy menu with 6 to 8 different blends, with names such as relaxing, energizing, and balancing, and let the client choose the one that they want. You can add this blend to their lotion. This costs very little but adds so much value to your treatment.

Hot towels . These can be used as a hot compress and you can even do massage through the towels. You can get some hand towels and wet them and use a simple crockpot to keep them warm. This is really relaxing, costs very little and clients love it.

Foot bath . You can prepare a foot bath for clients before their massage. You can fill a basin with hot water, add a few drops of aromatherapy oil and a few flowers. If you have front desk staff, you can have them set this up when the client is in the waiting area.

Down comforter and pillows . This is really good for winter months. You can get a really light twin size down comforter to cover your massage table. You should also get a down pillow for the client's head when they are supine. These are really comfortable and clients really appreciate the extra touch.

Orchids and green plants . Plants bring life force and healing energy into your massage practice. Orchids last a lot longer than cut flowers and they look more expensive.

Offer slightly longer sessions . Many massage establishments are now offering 50 minute sessions and 80 minute sessions instead of traditional 60 and 90 minute massages. Clients do not like this. You could offer more value by offering 65 and 95 minute sessions as your standard.

Offer healthy snacks and drinks . You should offer healthy snacks and drinks for your clients in your waiting room and after their massage. You should offer water, tea, bowls of organic fruit and even vegetables. You could get some small bottles of water and replace the label with a label for your business and give them a large strawberry after their massage. I know of one massage therapist who actually gave her clients a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie after their massages. She got the premade dough at the supermarket and kept the cookies warm in a toaster oven.

Expert advice . You should write articles, collect articles, and be the expert source of whatever your specialty is. You should also write a newsletter each month on whatever your specialty is, and have books available for your clients to read in your waiting area. If there is a book that you think is extremely important for your clients to read, get a few copies of it and loan it out to clients.

If you do these things, you will be adding so much value to your massage therapy business, and clients will come to you for the phenomenal service you provide. You will be able to charge a fair price for your work and you will not have to worry about undercutting your price to stay in business.

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